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Dear Friends, Clients, Partners & Family,

Every year I forget how hot it actually gets here in Phoenix, and then, like clockwork, it hits me. Is anyone else ready to welcome back those cooler fall temperatures? Well, while we’re waiting, I wanted to share a project that I’ve been passionate about recently – and I hope it sparks something in you too.

In the past, I’ve mentioned an organization – The CORE – which is now like family to me. Being part of a mentor group has been instrumental in my professional growth and something I highly recommend looking into if you want to grow your business. A few years ago, we decided it was time to start giving back to our communities. They created ‘Change the Planet Week’ to encourage people to donate their personal time and labor to make a difference in their neighborhoods.

Between my involvement with the Chandler Compadres and now The CORE, I have made it a priority to give back to local organizations like these, and I’d like to ask the same of you. This year, Change The Planet Week begins on September 8th. During this week, I’m asking my friends, family, partners and colleagues to give a few hours of your personal time and labor to a cause of your choice and share your experiences on our Facebook Group page (search for Change the Planet Week). It would mean the world to me and will hopefully inspire others to give of their time too.

We have supported many organizations in the past. This year my team and I are working with Save the Family to get an apartment ready for a new family. We are excited to do something new and this should be a great team building exercise.  Are there any organizations you enjoy volunteering at or giving your time to? Send me an email and let me know.

I truly believe that it only takes a few hours of time spent giving back to your community to make a huge impact, and who knows, together we may just Change the Planet! What do you say? Will you join me? I hope the rest of your year is a success and look forward to speaking to you soon.

Matt Askland


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