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We recently sat down with a few of our favorite home warranty professionals to find out what they think real estate agents need to know about home warranties. We also sat down with a few agents and asked what they think buyers should be aware of. We received some great responses and we’re sharing those with you below.


Yvette Myer | Old Republic Home Protection | yvettem@orhp.com | 480.244.8485

Here is some advice I always offer to real estate professionals when discussing home warranties: Without fail, protect yourself and your buyer by having a licensed HVAC tech perform a thorough HVAC inspection during the 10-day inspection period. General inspectors aren’t licensed HVAC technicians. So, if they report that the HVAC needs further diagnosis, you should make sure that happens. Only licensed HVAC technicians can properly diagnose an HVAC system. Consider also that many systems can be overworked, especially during triple-digit heat. The last thing you want to hear about is an inoperable A/C unit right after your clients move into their new home. You should be certain that the unit is fully operational before that day, and the best way—really, the only way—is to have a licensed HVAC technician inspect the unit(s). If problems are found during the inspection period, or prior to close, protect your client by ensuring all necessary work is performed.


Sharp Chen | Choice Home Warranty | sharp@chwpro.com | 949-426-5450

There are local representatives who can guide agents and their clients through the claims process. My CHW claims manager is local to AZ and handles escalated real estate claims with technicians, authorizations departments, and homeowners directly.

Data from several studies has shown that including home warranty coverage in a listing marketing plan makes great sense. You can also reach out to past clients to let them know home warranty coverage is available, even if they’ve been in the home for years. This is a great conversation starter and a wonderful value-add.

Seller’s Coverage is a NO-RISK way for the seller to protect their budget during the listing period. We don’t get paid a premium until closing – even if we’ve paid a claim. No Closing – No Problem.


Josh Guzowski | AHG Home Warranty | josh.guzowski@homeserveusa.com | 602-790-1602

Homeowners may not realize that with most home warranty companies there is an option to choose their own contractor. This is highly beneficial if there is a licensed and bonded contractor a homeowner trusts, but they also want to take advantage of their home warranty plan. Please note there are proper procedures to follow for each company, so remind your clients to review their contracts prior to going with their own contractor. Keep in mind that since this is a referral industry, home warranty companies are always looking to add strong vendors to their network who come highly recommended by Real Estate Professionals.


Martin Sears | West USA Realty Estrella Branch Co-Owner and Manager | martinsears853@gmail.com | 623-853-3380

Agents and buyers should know about the daily per diem for the claimant in the event of an issue that makes the home ‘non livable’. Check the fine print for the per diem cap, as well as max days per the policy. Example: If there was a part order for x amount of days before the repair could be made versus a minimum day per diem for alternative housing then this would certainly be a problem.


Felix Sandoval | Alan K Realty Group/My Home Group | alan@alankrealtygroup.com | 480-868-3222

Most clients don’t know the extent of what a home warranty covers, and most companies offer different levels of coverage. It’s important to know what each has to offer. Clients think they are saving a few dollars up front by choosing a less expensive level of coverage only to find out later they don’t have the coverage they thought they had. Always inquire about A/C units and tile roofs.


James Kramer | Desert Point Group, Home Smart Realty | azagentjames@gmail.com | 602.380.7379

Clients also don’t realize that there as a menial fee (co-pay) and at the end of the day they save a ton of money on unexpected costs. I think that home warranties often has a bad stigma with clients, but in my experience, they can be a very helpful and definitely gives clients peace of mind.


We hope this article gave you some further insight into home warranties and answered some questions you might have had. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to any of the above representatives or agents. You can also contact me anytime at matt.askland@cardinalfinancial.com or via phone at 480-759-1500.


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