How To Stage Your Master Bedroom For A Faster Sell

Having a properly staged master bedroom can make your house extra attractive to potential buyers. It should feel like a sanctuary – a relaxing refuge from the workday. Let’s quickly cover the basic steps to a well-staged master bedroom.

Cleanup & Streamline: It should go without saying, but here’s a friendly reminder to cleanup all messes before any homebuyers stop by for a viewing. Get rid of scattered items like purses or laundry and make sure the space smells fresh. Declutter surfaces like nightstands, organize random electronic devices and consider storing your large exercise equipment. You want potential buyers to be able to picture their life in the space, not be overwhelmed by yours.

Give It A Cosmetic Refresh: Go over the walls with a fresh coat of paint (stick to neutrals or earthy tones). Because the bed is typically a focal point, approach the styling of it like a work of art. Make sure all coverings are coordinated or matching. Choose pillows and throw blankets wisely. They should add an eye-catching design element to the bed’s overall look, but not completely takeover the space. Also, hanging a large mirror in your room will create the illusion of a larger space. Keep all design gender neutral.

Aim For Upscale: When staging a master bedroom to sell your home, go for the gold. Meaning, make the space look plush and luxurious. Add a few pieces of tasteful art on the wall – even if they’re rented or borrowed. It’ll project an air of refinement. Avoid kitsch or eccentric art. Your goal is to make it look upscale but not over-the-top.

Check The Ambiance: Pay particular attention to how windows and lighting affect the vibe of your master bedroom. Natural light is very appealing, so definitely show off any related features (like a skylight!) to emphasize the element. Hang simple drapes that match carpeting and bedding. Keep them open when potential buyers come for a walk-through. Overly bright or too-dark master bedrooms are off-putting. If your master bedroom looks out onto a nice view, you’ll want to show that off, too.

Add Some Greenery: Place a live, potted plant somewhere in the master bedroom – like a flower on the dresser or a small tree in a corner. Fresh floral arrangements add a nice touch, especially if colors are coordinated to the rest of the room. Popular plants like mother-in-law’s tongue or bamboo palm can add a soothing, spa-like quality that emphasizes the room’s true purpose, which is to act as a retreat from everyday life.

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