Networking Happy Hour

Our recent office move marks a new chapter in our professional journey and we thought of no better way to celebrate this exciting accomplishment than with a Networking Happy Hour in our new location — The Living Room in Chandler. The Living Room is located on Queen Creek and is right next to our new office building. It embodies the heart of this community in which we live and work. Its thriving and sophisticated energy provides the perfect backdrop for our monthly events and we are pleased to say our attendees agree! CosmoOur July Happy Hour saw our biggest turn out yet. Real Estate Agents, marketing professionals, home owners, and other local business owners came together to meet, eat, drink, laugh, and connect.FoodWhen we started our monthly Networking Happy Hour our goal was to connect with the community in which we do business. We envisioned industry professionals coming together to network and form potentially lucrative relationships, all while enjoying a much deserved cocktail. Over the last couple of years, these happy hours have morphed into something much bigger than we imagined.  Not only do our fellow industry professionals and partners come out to shake hands and catch up, but we are now welcoming business owners from myriad industries who hope to mingle and meet other like-minded professionals. What a great way to build new relationships, nurture existing partnerships and (ultimately) grow each other’s businesses!peepsAt Redstone we are privileged to be connected to such an amazing network of people who are passionate about our community and supporting locally-owned and operated businesses. As Chandler natives, we take personal pride in being able to have a positive impact on the growth and success of this burgeoning city.

If you missed July’s event, not to worry, our next Happy Hour is rapidly approaching. Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 25th. We look forward to connecting with you soon. In the mean time, find us on your favorite social media sites by searching Redstone Mortgage.