Promote Your Open House With Direct Mail Marketing

Promote Your Open House With Direct Mail Marketing -

Much of the real estate business is operated online. But, direct mail marketing can be a great avenue for promoting your open house. Incorporating direct mail into your strategy will give you an edge amongst the competition.

Creating the perfect direct mail “invitation” to your open house is easy to do. Here are a few important steps:

  • List a contact phone number and email address, so that potential buyers can decide which mode of communication they prefer.
  • Consider including a Quick Response Code (QR Code), which recipients can scan with their smartphones to receive quick information on your listing.
  • Your personal URL, whether it be for your website where your listings are located or anywhere else they can be found. Make it easy for potential buyers to find information.
  • Go with a larger postcard, from the dimensions of 5.5″ x 8.5″ in size.
  • Use an eye-catching color that is also easy on the eyes, such as a vibrant orange or even a baby blue. Be sure to choose colors that complement your home photos.
  • Use text that is bolded, large, and easy to read. Abril Fatface and League Gothic are two great font choices. Steer away from using informal fonts like Comic Sans or Papyrus.
  • Go over the text with your real estate agent so that your message appeals to the specific crowd of potential buyers you’re targeting.
  • Include some graphics that will grab the potential buyer’s attention.

You’ll want to make sure that your postcards are delivered at least a week before your open house date. Check with your local mail carrier to see how long bulk mail will take to be delivered to each address once it’s been received at the post office.

Real estate direct mail marketing gets your message across and can be crafted with a beautiful design to really reel in potential buyers.

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