Selling Your Home? Here Are 4 Secrets To Total Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling a home, curb appeal can make or break your prospects. Having a beautiful home inside and out sets you up for a more successful sale – it can do wonders for your list price and decrease the amount of time your home sits on the market. Before listing your home, make sure it features the following:

A Welcoming Walkway

Think of it as the ambassador to your home. The pathway, landing and front door of your walkway should all blend together in a single, cohesive aesthetic. Have a straight path for your walkway? Jazz it up with flower pots.

If it’s winding, draw people in with curious boulders and interesting trees or plants in bright colors. Wooden walkways offer a unique touch – cedar, redwood, cypress and teak are particularly durable and weather-resistant. Word to the wise: Whatever you do, keep the overall design simple and organized.

A Front Door That Stands Out

For a major dose of curb appeal, consider painting your front door in a vibrant hue. A bit of contrast goes a long way. For example, homes that are white or gray pop with red doors because the tone adds a bit of mystery to its overall look.

Besides donning a fresh coat of paint, you’ll want to make sure the door is spruced up with polished knobs and fixtures, and that any parts that need replacing are swapped out before you begin showing the home. Small touches like this can go a long way when it comes to curb appeal.

A Manicured Lawn

Trust us when we say, a home’s landscaping makes all the difference! If your lawn is withering with dead grass or overgrown shrubs, it’s likely buyers will skip your listing altogether in their initial search. Make sure your lawn is a beautiful complement to the rest of your home. On a related note, you don’t want the lawn to seem too high-maintenance. Go for something that is appealing, but efficient and easy to maintain.

We also recommend adding a simple garden around the perimeter of your home or somewhere in the backyard. Flowers really brighten up a space and make people feel happy when touring your home – and an emotional connection to the property is huge with buyers. Finally, stay away from lawn ornaments. It’s a very subjective, personal-style thing and when showing your home, it’s best to have it look like a clean slate.

A Well-Maintained Roof

Before listing your home, it’s a good idea to hire a professional who can inspect your roof and recommend any needed cosmetic or structural repairs. Check for holes, leaks, damages or any shingles or tiles that need to be replaced. Savvy buyers know to have a home inspected before closing, so it’s best you get this step out of the way at the beginning. It will save you a headache in the long run.

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