Welcome to 2016!

It’s a New Year full of new resolutions here at RedStone Mortgage! With 2015 being our most successful year to date, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to personally thank all of our clients, partners, family and friends who made it all possible. Along with our incredible growth, 2015 also brought about a lot of change for RedStone Mortgage; from our new location, to our growing staff, to record production — we could not be more thankful for the new partnerships, new friendships and new opportunities.

Moving into first quarter 2016, we could not be more excited. As a team we spent a lot of time planning what we hope to accomplish over the next year, both personally and professionally. What this means for RedStone is a lot of great ideas coming to fruition.

Here is a quick highlight of some of our goals:

Featured Blogger: In addition to our weekly blog posts we are excited to implement a monthly Featured Blogger. This guest blogger will be an industry expert and discuss industry news and or hot topics.

Networking Happy Hour: Last year we continued our tradition of a monthly Networking Happy Hour. 2015 brought us a brand new location at The Living Room in Chandler, Arizona. This location gives us the space and ambiance we were previously missing. In addition we hope to grow our Happy Hours in 2016 by adding local business owners from around the valley. By making our event more inclusive we can give attendees the opportunity to network beyond their industry. This fun and casual event is the perfect place to make new connections.

Video Room- Now Open! Our video recording room is now available for reservation, which includes camera, lighting and green screen equipment. It can be utilized for listing videos, video profiles, or other video needs. For more information email Olivia@RedStoneMTG.com.

Lunch & Learn: Throughout 2016, we are excited to host several ‘For Realtor Lunch & Learns.’ These events will include valuable information and training on industry specific hot topics, business development, marketing, personal growth, leadership and more. What’s more, have a few guest speakers on the calendar who are sure to add incredible value to your day-to-day business objectives.

We guarantee 2016 will bring a lot more exciting content and events, and encourage you to stay tuned for more details.

For the most up-to-date information be sure to connect with our online community. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ by searching RedStone Mortgage.

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